What’s Agape Love?

What’s Agape Love and How Can You Express It?

When it is unconditional, sacrificial, and selfless, then it can only be called Agape love. According to the Bible, this is the highest of the four types of love. It, therefore stand way above Eros love, Philia love, and Storge love.

‘Agape’ was originally a Greek word which was used in the New Testament to describe how Jesus loved His Father and Followers. It also defines the incomparable, immeasurable love that God has for humankind. Agape is all about the continuous, self-sacrificing concern that He has for the fallen and lost people. Through Agape, God shows us an example of how to love effectively and appropriately, given any situation.

At the highest level of expression, agape describes God’s, divine love. Manifesting itself as not dependent on who is receiving the love, agape is spontaneous, heedless, and undeserved. It also describes the kind of love that’s devoted beyond what the subject deserves.

How Agape Love Is Described In the Bible

One of the most important aspects of agape is that it goes beyond emotions. It is not simply a sentiment or feeling. As Paul describes it in 1 Cor. 13: 4-7, it is the kind of love that is kind but not jealous. It neither brags nor is it arrogant. Agape love doesn’t act unbecomingly, is not self-seeking, is not provoked nor does it hold grudges. Neither does this kind of love delight in doing wrong but loves the truth. It bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things.

In Matt. 5: 43-48 Jesus tells his disciples that the only qualification for becoming sons of the Father is to love their enemies and pray for all who persecute them. Further down that passage, Jesus asks what profit there is in loving only those who love you. Thus Agape love is perfect since it involves showing love even to those who hate you.

As the kind of love that goes beyond emotions, agape has much more to do with the mind. It is more of a principle by which one deliberately lives. Instead of being driven by the will, one is motivated by their will to stick it out. Although involving unfettered reaction from the heart, it is much more about the will to love.

At its core, agape is expressed more in terms of great care for another person’s needs. In fact, the subject of agape love doesn’t have to do anything to earn it. It is given freely and without any conditionality. Instead of being expressed to only a few individuals, it is inclusive and universal, all at the same time.

Since it is the highest expression of love, agape is not possible without God’s help. While you may really want to give other people unconditional love, it will not take long before you start asking what’s in it for you. The only way to express agape love is through God’s help.

You have to immerse yourself in God’s Word to be aware of His unconditional love. As you become fulfilled, you will be able to express your love to others without expecting anything in return. With time, you will know how to love His way.

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