Surrender, what is it really? In most of our experiences it usually means: To quit, admitting defeat, to give your-self up to a more powerful authority, to then lose control and become controlled; who wants that, right? But, what if, even though most of these things were true, it also meant that by surrendering your-self, your-life, that you would actually become even more free to live and express your-self than before you ever decided to do so to begin with. An intriguing thought, isn’t it? In this latter case, freedom would be the result of our surrender of our lives and trying to control it, and not becoming controlled by someone else.How can that be, you say? Well, it all depends to whom you are surrendering to that makes the important difference here. If we surrender to other men, then we’ll, as stated before, most likely lose control of our lives by being imprisoned. But, if we surrender trying to control our lives up to God, He will actually set us free, and whom the Son (Christ) sets free, is free indeed! Thank you for your patience, because here is where we finally hit the nail on the head by asking you (challenging you actually):

  1. Would you be willing to surrender who you think you are, to be able to see who you really are?
  2. Would you be willing to surrender all that you think you need, to be able to see what you already have? 
  3. Would you be willing to surrender all that you think you know, so that you may finally be able to know God (not just know about). 
  4. Finally, would you be willing to surrender your old (blind) sight, to be able to see with new (perfect) eyes?                                                                                         
Our journey in this life is to see light in the darkness. The only way to see beyond what the flesh self thinks should be is to surrender. Surrender everything that blocks sight of the light. All judgment, all grievance, all blaming of wrong. Deny that self. Let go of all attachments in this life. Be in the world but not of it. If you are willing, your life will be transformed, and you will never be the same!

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