Learning to Wait for God’s Timing

Learning to Wait for God’s Timing

Have you lately prayed for something and you just can’t wait to receive it? God’s answer to your prayer does not work like instant coffee. Sometimes you will have to wait for God’s perfect timing.

But just what does it mean to trust in God’s plan for your life? When you come to think of it, you need Total Reliance Upon Spiritual Timing (TRUST). Not that God enjoys it when He sees you agonizing about an answer to prayer that seems like it will never come. Far from it.

The reason we need to trust God in the intervening period is because He is God and we are not. He is the Creator and completely in control. When the answer to your prayer doesn’t seem to be coming as fast as you would wish, then there is a perfect reason for it - even when we don't see or understand it. 

So what do you do as you wait for God to answer your prayer? Noah is a beautiful example in the Bible as someone who learned to believe and trust in God, even when it seemed like the promise of salvation through the flood was taking too long to come.

Noah could easily have chosen to be a skeptic, just like the rest of humanity at that time. Instead, he trusted God and followed his instructions amidst a throng of doubters. He painstakingly built the ark, even when it was clear that it had never rained on the earth.

When the rain finally came, Noah and his family stayed in the ark and waited. He had to send a dove to know just when the timing was right for the people and animals in the ark to come out. At one time, the dove returned with a tree branch. Noah knew the time to leave the ark was not yet. Until the dove went and never came back, Noah knew that he had to wait for God’s perfect time.

Like Noah and his family in the ark, you shouldn’t rush the waiting process, even though it can be easy to become impatient in the waiting. In the fullness of His timing, God will answer. He knows the desires of your heart. Even when He doesn’t answer in the answer in the way you thought or expected, you can still trust Him to give you the very best. The problem with some people is that they end up trusting their strength, intellect, and experience. Doing so is a sign of lack of trust in God and His ability to give you every good thing.

God knows where you are coming from and where you are going. Not only did He create time, but He exists outside the realm of time and space. You can never be too late for trusting God with all your heart, might, and mind.

Don’t be afraid. You can ask God to give you strength whenever you feel like you are struggling to wait for His timing. Try to look for the lesson He is trying to teach you. Perhaps He is trying to teach you to fully depend on Him and to be patient. Maybe God wants you to be more spiritually intimate with you. Pray about it and wait with TRUST!

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